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Meet Joni

Myofascial Release Training

with John F. Barnes PT

Quantum Leap 2010, 2014, 2017

Therapy for the Therapist  2012

Cervical-Thoracic 2008, 2011

Advanced Unwinding 2007, 2010

Myofascial Release III  2008, 2012

Subtle Energy 2008

Myofascial Rebounding  2008

Healing Seminar 2008, 2012

Pediatric Myofascial Release 2008

Women’s Health Seminar 2007, 2007

Myofascial Mobilization 2006

Fascial – Pelvis 2005, 2016

Myofascial Unwinding 2005

Myofascial Release II 2005

Myofascial Release I 2005

A passion to help others and an interest in the human body directed Joni to pursue a career in the medical field. While volunteering at rehabilitation clinics, John Barnes’ book “Healing Ancient Wounds” was recommended introducing her to myofascial release therapy in more detail. This book made a lasting impression and was the catalyst for choosing the physical therapy route. Following her Master’s degree in physical therapy, the early part of her career focused on inpatient rehabilitation and soon transitioned to a privately owned physical therapy clinic focused on manual therapy. Both were wonderful opportunities to learn, grow, and develop clinical skills. Despite working full-time while completing her doctorate degree in physical therapy, there needed to be more to fulfill professional satisfaction. The missing piece came when a position was offered to Joni at John Barnes’ clinic in Pennsylvania. Exclusively offering myofascial release treatment for local patients and the specialized Intensive Treatment Program for national and international patients provided a bird’s-eye view into the power of this modality to offer changes for a myriad of diagnoses and ages. Working directly with John Barnes and his staff for two years before relocating to Australia was an incredible opportunity for which Joni is deeply grateful. In the subsequent seven years of private practice with her husband, Joni was instrumental in encouraging fellow practitioners to travel to America to train under John and help spread myofascial release awareness in Australia. Recently answering the call to be closer to family, Joni has relocated to America and is now offering treatment sessions on a part-time basis in Newnan, GA.

BS Kines., MPT., DPT.

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