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Both therapists have had the same training in Myofascial Release from the founder, John F. Barnes PT, and are considered ‘Expert’ level therapists. Although they practice under different Georgia licenses, the principles they use are identical. 

Myofascial Release billed as Physical Therapy

Initial consultation includes evaluation, a hands-on myofascial release treatment session, and self-treatment instruction. Sessions are one-on-one with a licensed physical therapist. No machines and no exericse equipment, therapy is focused on providing gentle, hands-on treatment throughout multiple areas of the body. From gentle to firm, a full spectrum of pressures can be used and modified to address the client’s needs and their unique patterns of body tightness. Working directly on skin, the therapist is able to respond moment-by-moment to what painful and tight fascia needs in order to release.

A first session with Joni: Allow two hours $210

Follow-up sessions include myofascial release treatment and when appropriate, advanced self-treatment instruction. Clients are eligible for booking follow-up sessions after completing an initial consultation. Sessions are manual therapy focused, building on the first session to release additional areas of tightness, eradicate faulty holding patterns, and integrate changes at a deeper level.

Follow-up sessions with Joni: Allow one hour $120

Bookings are available by phone and online

Joni: (678) 848 5664

Myofascial Release billed as Massage Therapy

Every session is an hour, or an hour-and-a-half of hands-on attention into areas that are tight, sore, or tender. You know exactly where they are, and together we can find how they connect, and where they originate. No strange machines, sticky oils, useless stretches or poor-posture guilt-trips, just letting go of tightness naturally. Every session is different, just like every person is different, and people often say something like: “…it makes so much sense, why has no body told me this before?”

If it’s your first session, please arrive 15-minutes early to outline your body’s history. If it’s a follow-up session, be as curious as you were at first!

First session with Roger:   Allow two hours – $180

Follow-up session with Roger:  Allow one hour $120

Bookings are available by phone and online

Roger: (706) 616 3437

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